What is air freight, means, how its popular?

Developed in parallel in World War II, Air Transport had become an indispensable way to send something from a place to another place quickly. After the war ended, Air Transport have opened a new horizon in transport industry. Being a fastest way for transferring, Air Transport is the symbol of future.

Why us?

  • AG is a leading reputable partner specializing in providing customers with fast air transport services from Vietnam to the world and vice versa.
  • AG with widespread offices strategically located in all Vietnam major international airports of Hochiminh city, Hanoi and Danang, make sure that its clients’ logistics needs in Vietnam is fulfilled wherever the shipment is to be delivered or picked up, even in the most remote locations of Vietnam. With such extensive network of offices we guarantee that AG employee is always in the field whether it is warehouse, airport, Customs premise or client’s place and provide hands on care for each shipment.