• What is ocean freight, means, how its popular? “Sea Transport, the most popular way to transport your goods aboard”. Six continents in the world are now surrounded by sea, the thing takes the most place on the earth surface. Founded in the early of 5th century, this classic transportation is the biggest and most advanced way to connect or transport between two continents.
  • Our main route:
  1. Within Asia: To any country you can list when talking about Asia.
  2. Vietnam – America: As a largest market in the world, it would be strange if a logistics firm does not have any connect with it. AG has been recently working in North America. But soon, we can make it through the Continent.
  3. Vietnam – Europe: Most potential market, many developed countries are located there. European Union, on the aim as being a superpower area, is doing very well to improve their economic strength.
  4. Vietnam – Oceania: With two giants in economy is Australia and New Zealand, the route to Oceania is likely to the way to “a Greenland area”, or sustainable economy development. With a generous door, Oceania economy has been growing faster and faster. If you want us to connect to this land, we have an economical and sustainable way to accompany with you.

Why us? Our main service is sea transport. So, AG confidently say: “With rich experienced and knowledge, it will bring your goods to your destination with economical and effective way”.