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        AG Supply was founded on May 25th, 2020, which was also the golden time of chances and promotions. Despite different movements in the world’s economy, it is clear to see that we are in a new beginning age. So, if you want to step forward, we, The Adaptive Generation Supply, are ready to create new changes with you. By supplying multiple services of logistics and connecting with many target markets in the world such as Taiwan, China, the US, Europe, we promise to bring your goods to the right destinations safely and quickly. 


        With AGyour time is very valuable to us. After a few simple actions, you can now rest and wait for the good news.

Our services are various and proactive ranging from Supply chain, Cargo insurance, Warehousing, Logistics, Project Forwarding, Airfreight, Sea Freight to even Road transport. We are the source of everything you need to send your products abroad. Also, we take care of your products being imported to your country or whichever location you would like.


        Even though we are a new brand in the industry, AG has a very experienced team of hard-working employees who are willing to create and make new changes with you. After many years in this field, we don’t just do the things that the other logistics companies can do, but we can do them better. With base experience, we have had many satisfied customers before and after our establishment.


Vision: The world’s economy is turning a new page. With many volatilities in the worldwide market, especially in China and the US, many countries are looking for new opportunities. Vietnam, our hometown, is a growing land with plenty of investment chances in the Southeast Asia region. Thus, AG Supply is striving to look for potential partners who are willing to step along with us on this new adventure.


        And in the next 5 years, we aim to become the highlight option among other logistics companies.

Goal: Our goal is to become the best choice when you think of the Vietnam Logistics Company. To achieve this goal, we focus on three main points: Society, Staff, and Customer.

        – To CustomerAG aims to become the “Vietnam World Wide Bridge” that connects Vietnam to the rest of the world. And in this digital age, that bridge would become more safely and stronger than ever. So, our customers will have more flexibility to do in their business, expand it, and get more money to push it growing.

        – To Staff: We understand very clearly that if we want to develop, we need to have a strong, solid, and experienced team. To achieve this, AG has created a working environment that is very fresh, adaptive, dynamic, and modern. Our environment will not only help the company to develop as a whole but also help employees to grow individually.

        – To Society: The more we develop individually, the more society will grow. For AG, this is not just business, we are contributing our help for a bigger picture of our country’s development. 


        In summary, we are the solution to your problems and we guarantee to deliver satisfying outcomes with exactness. When you come to us, you come to the future.


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